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Reforest Tea: Why we’re different

At Reforest Tea, our story is very simple: we sell great teas and use all the profits to plant trees and conserve forests. A simplicity which is fundamental to our business model. Our business success is measured in our impact –to make the world a better place– and not through status or money. We believe that this sets Reforest Tea apart from other companies.

People who buy our teas are not just our customers, they are also our supporters. For them, Reforest Tea is more than just another good cup of tea; when they drink our tea they become part of our mission. Our customers believe in what we are doing and like to tell other people about our company and our mission in a way that no other tea company’s customers would ever do.

Not only that, Reforest Teas really are really good – in fact they are winning awards against other leading brands. Premium quality, ethically sourced, fairly traded, plastic-free, blended and manufactured in England, Great Taste 2020 award-winning and served and enjoyed throughout Cambridge. Our teas are a product that anyone can enjoy, and they connect our customers to a story, a mission and a movement that anyone can join.

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