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Almost a third of all tree species are at risk

A landmark State of the World’s Trees report (click to download), published by Botanic Gardens Conservation International, has described the significant global threats to trees and forests in 2021. This reports that:

  •  30% of tree species are at risk of extinction (that is, 17.5k of a total of 60k species).
  • 440 species are on the brink of extinction with fewer than 50 individuals left in the wild.
  • Greatest threats are from agriculture and grazing, logging and harvesting, and with climate change an increasing threat.
  • Countries with the highest risk are (in order) Brazil, Indonesia, Malaysia, China, Colombia and Venezuela.
  • Particular threats on islands, such as Madagascar, where tree species are often unique.
  • Case study on Borneo where the expansion of oil palm plantations is a major threat to the keystone Dipterocarpaceae species, leading to the sharp decline population of Bornean Orangutans.

What you can do to help? Find ways to support diverse tree planting programs, which support the planting of native and threatened tree species, such as by enjoying Reforest Tea.

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