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About Us


REFOREST is an organisation which recognises the power of trees to provide opportunities for social and environmental benefit, especially in the developing world. By planting trees and conserving forests we can provide employment and economic opportunities, improve soil quality and water holding capacity for crops, create and conserve forest habitats for wildlife, and remove pollutants and improve the atmosphere for everyone. Global forest loss is a big issue, and getting bigger, so we hope that you will join us.
An important part of being able to support worthwhile projects is funding, with funds we can pay for tree nurseries, pay salaries for people to plant and care for trees, pay for materials and seeds, and so on. So (after years of applying for grants) we started a tea company called REFOREST TEA, a social business specifically to provide 100% of profits to projects. Reforest Tea is a simple, quality, everyday product that everyone and anyone can choose to use and enjoy, and be part of our mission to increase the number of trees and forested area worldwide.
REFOREST was founded by Alistair, a professional plant scientist with a passion for trees and forests: “Having come from a research background, the question of the need to plant trees and conserve forests is clear, now it is a matter of finding the funds and getting on with the job”. My motivation is to plant as many useful trees and as much important forest as possible, which is why Reforest Tea uses 100% of profits for this purpose in order to have the highest impact.


We’d love to you to be part of Reforest! It's a team effort. If you'd like to help then please get in touch at or buy and enjoy our Reforest Tea either online or in a wonderful location in Cambridge.