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Reforest is a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to increasing the number of trees and forested area worldwide.

Reforest uses a ‘search engine’ to generate income with every search: the more searches made, the more income is generated. We also accept donations to the organisation and encourage corporate partnerships (“Partners”). We pool all this income and send the funds to our reforestation associate projects (“Projects”) at a time which is most appropriate to each individual project.

Planting trees –Reforestation– is a relatively low cost and simple approach to mitigate local and/or global problems such as natural habitat loss, aerial pollution, protection of water sources, climatic change and more.

Our reforestation work is focused in Central America and Mexico. Here there is extensive and accelerating loss of forests, yet trees grow well and are associated with diverse flora and fauna ecosystems. It is also relatively inexpensive to plant trees here -considering costs of materials and labour-. However, we are always interested to hear from reforestation projects and organisations worldwide.

Planting varies depending on the environment: typically trees are planted during the rainy season when the soil conditions are most hospitable for tree establishment (i.e. root growth). This approach increases survival rates in the first three years of tree growth.

Our “Associate Projects” are specially selected organisations and/or projects which allow Reforest to turn income into trees in the ground. We have been working with our present associate project: “Chico Mendes Reforestation Project”, since 2015.


We would welcome your help!  In addition to using the Reforest search engine… would you like to be involved with the website (write an informative blog post?, help design a new page?, or contribute to the programming of the search engine facility?) or perhaps volunteer to plant trees with one of our associate projects?