For a great cup of tea

Use only freshly boiled water, allow the tea to infuse for 3 to 5 minutes for a full flavour experience, and add milk and sugar to-taste. For our green teas, use water at around 85 degrees C.


Monthly subscription

Never run out of Reforest Tea with our monthly subscription. Each month we will send you a standard home pack of your chosen blend of our delicious tea. Cancel your subscription by email at any time (orders@reforest.org).



UK First Class delivery is included in the purchase price of our home packs and trade boxes. For trade orders of less than £50 there is a charge of £3.70 to cover postage. Please allow 2-3 business days for your order to arrive. Please contact us for shipping outside of the UK.


Returns Policy

We make every attempt to ensure that goods are delivered to you in perfect condition. Occasionally things happen and we will make sure that any issues are resolved promptly according to your statutory rights. Please contact us (orders@reforest.org).


How we support projects

Our philosophy is to support worthwhile projects which have social and/or environmental impact through tree planting and forest conservation. Typically we find that native trees or useful trees (such as fruit trees) planted and managed by local people typically have high impacts. Additionally all trees planted and conserved capture carbon dioxide during growth.


Impact per dollar

We use all profits and our best judgment to support the specific needs of individual projects to get the best impact per dollar. We are motivated by impact rather than number of trees, this means that do not simply plant the cheapest trees available. We also do not promise to “plant a certain number of trees” as this varies from project to project according to factors such as location country and type of tree planted according to the funds available.


Ethics and Sourcing

We take great care to ensure that the ingredients for our blends are sourced only from trusted, reputable suppliers, with robust social and environmental responsibility programs. All ingredients can be traced back to source, are fairly traded and ethically sourced from growers who look after the welfare of their employees and community. We particularly look for suppliers with tree-planting and forest stewardship programs, and note that our Indian Assam tea is shade-grown under trees.


Reforest Tea is a Social Business

We started a social business specifically to address the issue of global forest loss, and associated social and environmental issues, using a financially sustainable business model. When you buy and enjoy Reforest Tea, you can be confident that you are directly contributing to our projects. Our motivations are to become 'tree millionaires'! Read more at: https://www.jbs.cam.ac.uk/faculty-research/centres/social-innovation/cambridge-social-ventures/our-ventures/reforest-tea/


We are very grateful to...

Christian, web design (watchthedot.com); Ashley, photography (@ashleycarterphotography); Christian, web design and website maintenance (watchthedot.com); Soo, Ryan, Maggie and Alex, manufacturing. All the enthusiastic staff serving Reforest Tea in our select locations in Cambridge UK. And of course Reforest Tea drinkers everywhere!