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Location Test


These pins link to the individual projects. The projects are setup under locations. The pins and the project pages will need styling properly

Regenerative agro-forestry, Guatemala

Location: Livingston, Izabal, Guatemala

Improving human and environmental health

Location: AIR projects, Guatemalan highlands

Protecting forest habitat, Southern India

Location: Tamil Nadu, Southern India

Forests for Gorillas, DRC and Uganda

Location: Virunga National Park

Tree planting on Mount Kenya

Location: Mount Kenya, Kenya

Agro-forestry in Cameroon

Location: Nor Noni, Cameroon

Re-planting highland forests, Guatemala

Location: Highlands of Guatemala

Forests for monarch butterflies

Location: Monarch Butterfly Biosphere Reserve, Mexico

Agro-forestry growing mangoes, Uganda

Location: Rwenzori Mountains, DRC


The locations facility can be used to model any form of location data. In this case we are plotting your suppliers, but not linking to the individual pages.

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