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Our Impact


WE could measure our impact from the number of TREES we plant and the amount of FOREST we protect... but the huge benefits for humankind are immeasurable. From the air we breathe, the food we eat, and the wood we use, the habitats for wildlife, the capture of rain-waters and prevention of soil erosion, and the capacity of trees to absorb carbon dioxide which mitigates climate change. At REFOREST we believe in the power of trees which is why we actively fund reforestation, forest conservation and tree-planting activities worldwide.


WE fulfil our remit to plant trees and conserve forests by supporting partner non-profit organisations and projects working around the world. REFOREST is proud to be supporting the projects listed below, follow the links to find out more. Many projects also accept online donations. There are many more projects we plan to support in due course, and we always welcome contact from new projects and organisations.

Projects Which We Are Supporting


Read about the projects which we are supporting

Agro-forestry in Soroti, NE Uganda

Save a Seed for the Future (SAFE) is an integrated non-governmental organization operating in the Teso sub-region of Northeastern Uganda with a main office in Soroti town. We were founded in 2010 and have been registered with the Ugandan National NGO Board since December 2012. Working with both students and teachers, the Amuria Schools Tree Planting Project (ASTREPP) aims to raise awareness about environmental degradation and give students practical skills in tree planting. The project began in May 2017, and through collaboration with 10 local schools and with support from the International Tree Foundation, Save a Seed for the Future is educating local communities, delivering trainings, and planting 25,000 trees. Teachers will also incorporate training materials on how to raise seedlings into their daily classes and in the management of school nurseries. Mature seedlings are distributed to local communities to help improve livelihoods.
Location: SAVE Uganda
Agro-forestry in Soroti, NE Uganda Website

Protecting forest habitat, Southern India

The Ayyalur Forest Reserve is home to the Slender loris (CITES Appendix II), an indicator species which is important for habitat conservation. The population size of this small nocturnal mammal is declining quickly due to loss of habitat through deforestation.
Location: Tamil Nadu, Southern India

Forests for Gorillas, DRC and Uganda

In the Democratic Republic of Congo and Uganda, The Gorilla Organisation ( plants tree saplings grown from seed to reinforce the forest habitat of the critical/endangered gorilla, prevent soil erosion, provide food and sustainable firewood for local communities.
Location: Virunga National Park

Tree planting on Mount Kenya

Mount Kenya Environmental Conservation (MKEC) -with the ITF- works in Embu County on the SE slopes of Mount Kenya – a famous tea growing region. MKEC supports 23 women and self-help groups with training and the provision of seeds and materials for their tree nurseries where native and agro-forestry tree seedlings are grown.
Location: Mount Kenya, Kenya

Agro-forestry in Cameroon

Community Assistance in Development (COMAID) -with the ITF- is helping farmers in Nkor and Dom villages in NW Cameroon to protect and conserve the Dom Community forest and to enhance agroforestry in their own farms.
Location: Nor Noni, Cameroon

Re-planting highland forests, Guatemala

The project plants trees endemic to the western highlands of Guatemala, with a focus on cultivating those most affected by over-harvesting and best-suited for environmental remediation. There is an emphasis on the fundamental needs of the forest for nature, soil health, and water-capture.
Location: Highlands of Guatemala

Forests for monarch butterflies

To foster the conservation of North American monarch butterflies and their migration, in four strategic areas: habitat conservation, scientific research and monitoring, outreach and education, and sustainable development.
Location: Monarch Butterfly Biosphere Reserve, Mexico

Trees for drylands, Africa

Projects run by TREE AID help people in the drylands of Africa (Burkina Faso, Ethiopia, Ghana, Mali, and Niger) to lift themselves out of poverty and protect their environment.
Location: Niger

Forest for Orangutans, Sumatra

Deforestation is the greatest threat facing Sumatran orangutans, so protecting and restoring their forest habitat is vital to their survival. We support the Sumatran Orangutan Society (SOS) who are working with their Indonesian partners to replant degraded land, such as ex-oil palm plantations.
Location: Indonesia

Agro-forestry growing mangoes, Uganda

The Alpha Women Empowerment Initiative (AWEI) -with the ITF- is a remarkable network of women farmers on the slopes of the Rwenzori mountains in Western Uganda, led by Margret Masika.
Location: Rwenzori Mountains, DRC