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Our Impact


WE could measure our impact from the number of TREES we plant and the amount of FOREST we protect... but the huge benefits for humankind are immeasurable. From the air we breathe, the food we eat, and the wood we use, the habitats for wildlife, the capture of rain-waters and prevention of soil erosion, and the capacity of trees to absorb carbon dioxide which mitigates climate change. At REFOREST we believe in the power of trees which is why we actively fund reforestation, forest conservation and tree-planting activities worldwide.


WE fulfil our remit to plant trees and conserve forests by supporting partner non-profit organisations and projects working around the world. REFOREST is proud to be supporting the projects listed below, follow the links to find out more. Many projects also accept online donations. There are many more projects we plan to support in due course, and we always welcome contact from new projects and organisations.

Projects Which We Are Supporting


Read about the projects which we are supporting