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Agro-forestry in Cameroon with COMAID

International Tree Foundation, ITF

ITF has been pioneering community led forestry restoration since 1922. ITF works with partners in Africa and the UK restore forests and woodlands, conserve habitats rich in biodiversity, and help communities who rely upon forests develop prosperous sustainable livelihoods. Details of many projects can be found on the ITF website.

Agro-forestry in Cameroon with COMAID

Community Assistance in Development (COMAID), led by Kenneth Tah, is helping farmers in Nkor and Dom villages in NW Cameroon to protect and conserve the Dom Community forest and to enhance agroforestry in their own farms. COMAID has helped to build the capacity of the Community Forest Management Institution to manage the Dom Community Forest, and over the last few years the community has planted a ‘Food Forest’ of economically valuable indigenous trees as a buffer zone around the core forest.  More recently COMAID has helped more than 50 women in Kintache and Nkor Women Groups to plan and implement tree planting on their own farms, raising seedlings of their favourite species in small household tree nurseries. Empowering women to play a role in tree planting was a big step forward. Now COMAID plans to build on the progress by further training on ‘smart and adaptive/flexible agroforestry practices’, establishing two community nurseries with of 8,000 seedling each, and helping farmers to plant 15,000 trees in individual farms and in three water catchments.