Reforest Tea English Breakfast Blend 35x pack, delivered


OUR SIGNATURE BLEND, DELIVERED. Enjoy our delicious own-blend premium English Breakfast tea. This 35x pack delivered to your door is a perfect way to enjoy Reforest Tea every day.

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Enjoy our delicious own-blend premium English Breakfast tea. A quality, fresh, whole leaf tea. Expertly blended to give a clean flavoured, full bodied cuppa. No dust, just large fabulous leaves.

Blended from three delicious teas: Indian Assam black tea, Kenyan black tea, and Sri Lankan black tea. We use only carefully selected tea estates. Our tea is produced in England and packed into biodegradable packaging.

  • Plastic-free fully biodegradable ‘soilon’ tea bags.
  • Packed into a non-plastic ‘Natureflex’ clear inner bag.
  • Posted UK First Class in a cardboard postal box which fits through a standard letter box.

And the really great part… we use ALL PROFITS for tree planting and forest conservation projects worldwide.

Additional information

Additional information


35 bags


Infuse with freshly boiled water for 3 to 5 minutes.


Drink black, or add milk and sugar to taste


English Breakfast Tea




India, Kenya, Sri Lanka


Price includes packaging and first class UK postage


Minimum net weight of 3 g per tea bag.


Store in a cool dark place, away from direct sunlight.


Made in a factory that handles almonds, hazelnuts and peanuts


Outer bag – cellulose, biodegradable; Teabag – plant starch derived, biodegradable; Tag – paper, recyclable.

Review for Reforest tea Breakfast Blend
Distintive Flavour

Never really had a favourite tea as I found it difficult to tell the difference between the popular teas on offer but this tea has changed all that. This tea has a distinctive yet mellow flavour and is now a firm favourite as is the worthwhile cause it supports.

Review for Reforest tea Breakfast Blend
Perfect cup of tea

This really is the perfect cup of tea. Tastes even better knowing that I am helping people plant more trees in the world by just enjoying my daily cuppa

Review for Reforest tea Breakfast Blend
A very tasty cup of tea!

Reforest tea (loose leaves) are ideal for making a teapot to share. The same great taste over and over again.

Review for Reforest tea Breakfast Blend
Rich and flavoursome

A great tea- I’d even call it tea-mendous- and so nice to know that there is no plastic in the packaging or the bags. An all-day breakfast tea: perfect as an antidote to the morning news or after a day in the garden. Packs enough punch for a double-dip.

Review for Reforest tea Breakfast Blend

This is an excellent tea, with a very pleasant flavour which does not go bitter, unlike some other high class teas.

Review for Reforest tea Breakfast Blend
Fab Tea

Lovely cuppa – great idea

Review for Reforest tea Breakfast Blend
The AFRICAN FORESTS that REFOREST TEA is replanting.

I have visited two of the African community areas where REFOREST TEA is helping to replant rain forest – The Bamenda Highlands in Cameroon and the Rwenzori forest in the far west of Uganda. Both are areas of extreme biological richness with many species that are only found there and nowhere else. The Ugandan/Congo border forest has one of the highest counts of butterfly species in Uganda, this only coming to light in the last ten years. This is where the biology of the huge untouched Congo rain forests meet up with that of the Eastern African forests, hence their unique importance. It is where the Swallowtails and Nymphalid butterflies related to our Peacocks and tortoiseshells come into their own. Bold primary colours light up the dim forest floor where they feed on fallen fruits – green, teals and turquoises. Up above in the canopy, you can hear the sounds of African Hornbills and bee-eaters and sunbirds are seen on the forest edges. The Dom community in the Bamenda Highlands, Cameroon is another area of extreme biological wealth. These are cool, wet mountain forests which stand out from the sea of surrounding lowland rain forests; in fact the only large massif of mountain forests in the West Africa, making them unique. There are a large number of endemic species that have just evolved here such as the endangered Bannerman’s Turaco. Higher up, there are African conifers (Podocarpus sp.) surviving and above these open grassland areas with bright yellows of Hypericum bushes (St. John’s Wort). Here in the open grass areas, there were hundreds of White butterflies, one every square metre, and I could finally witness past descriptions of how numerous butterflies used to be in our meadows back home. The Bamenda highland forests are getting hit on all sides by everyone wanting to live there. The mountain air is pleasantly cool compared to the oppressive heat of the lowlands and the grass is ’sweeter’ for the cattle. As the great forests disappear from the world, it is generally agreed by conservationists that the highest priority should be given to thoses areas with highest species richness and the highest endemism. Both these areas which REFOREST TEA is replanting, score highly with these criteria and both forests are severely threatened. By drinking this tea, you are helping to preserve these special areas for the future.

Review for Reforest tea Breakfast Blend

Love it, as does everybody I’ve spread the word to – more Reforest teas please!

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