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My favourite (or joint favourite with English Breakfast!) of the delicious Reforest teas, the apple rooibos is warming, fragrant and rich. I love it both with and without milk, depending on whether I feel like something creamier or fresher. Highly recommend!

Have been drinking vast quantities of mint tea for around six years now and this is honestly the best. It’s excellent … the leaves are full of flavour, taste so fresh and are utterly satisfying! If that wasn’t enough … by drinking Reforest tea we’re helping the planet! It’s a win-win!

I'm a big fan of chai and this one is superb. Often chai is a disappointment having a great scent but flavour falling flat. Reforest chai is full bodied and grows in intensity with brewing. The flavour is unparalleled. Love it and love the mission too! Highly recommended

It was early in 2020, around the time of the first lockdown, my family started drinking Reforest R&A decaf tea & we’ve never looked back. Not only is it a beautiful blend that tastes delicious, it’s also reassuring to know being decaf instead, it will not impact our sleep - instead it enhances it knowing enjoying your favourite cuppa helps plant trees & restores the health of our shared home, Earth.

I'm a huge supporter of Reforest tea, their latest addition, spicy Chai is AMAZING !! I Love the blend of the spices and the chilli kick is insanely good. Perfect for warming you through and awakening your taste buds.