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Trees for drylands, Africa

Trees for drylands, Africa

TREE AID helps people in the drylands of Africa (Burkina Faso, Ethiopia, Ghana, Mali, and Niger) to lift themselves out of poverty and protect their environment. Reforest supports Tree Aid to work with local communities to help them protect and grow trees, for themselves and for future generations.

People in these countries live in some of the toughest conditions on earth and trees are essential to their survival. Trees provide nutrition, generate income and help to create a healthy environment.

Trees help people out of poverty and hunger
Trees provide produce like fruits, nuts, leaves and shea butter. This provides nutritious food all year round and helps people to pay for essential healthcare and education. Trees can survive drought even when other crops fail.

Trees protect the environment
Trees make the land more fertile. They keep the top soil in place and put important nutrients back into the ground. Their roots also stabilise the ground, which prevents it from being washed away during the annual rains.