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Protecting forest habitat, Southern India

Protecting forest habitat, Southern India


The Ayyalur Forest Reserve is home to the Slender loris (CITES Appendix II), an indicator species which is important for habitat conservation. The population size of this small nocturnal mammal is declining quickly due to loss of habitat through deforestation and grazing, poaching for medicinal and meat uses, pesticide poisoning, forest fires, road kills from roads that run through the forest and loss of trees and nesting space.

This forest reserve in located in the Eastern Ghats – an international hotspot (East longitudes 770 13’ and 780 29’ North latitudes 100 0’ and 100 39’) – adjacent to the northern slope of Ayyalur hills and surrounding Ghats sections in the Dindigul, Tiruchirappalli and Karur districts of Tamil Nadu. Forming a chain of small hills and forested highlands spread across more than 200 km has the highest recorded animal and plant species diversity in India. For this reason, it is also an environmentally hot spot in terms of declining biodiversity both flora and fauna, due to social and economic needs of the communities.

The work of SEEDS Trust gives education (from school children, to farmers and loggers), tree nursery for local species, tree planting and conservation in public and private land.